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Adopt. Don't Shop.

Thousands of reptiles and amphibians are purchased as gifts or on a whim each year. Yet very few of these beautiful creatures go to the loving homes they deserve; Instead, they are met with a life of inadequate housing and nutrition. So please, when choosing to add a cold blooded companion to your lives, Choose to adopt and help an amphibian or reptile in need. They all deserve a second chance.

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Our Happy Family


 Otis is our sweet , special boy. He came to us barley holding on. He is the perfect example of  what emergency care and dedication can do. Although he is a overall healthy little boy he will always have his struggles. He is extremely stunted in growth ( but makes up for it with a HUGE personality) , has a curved spine, as well as has no teeth. But one thing we know for sure is NOTHING can stop this boy! He is a fighter and a lover!


Dusk is out resident DIVA. What he wants.. he gets... and if you do not give it to him, he will find a way to get it himself! He is by far the most snuggly lizard we have... He enjoys human contact and interactions. His hobbies include watching out the window to yell at passing squirrels and birds, eating snacks , or watching tv on your lap or chest. It is the simple things in life...

Uncle Ruckus

Uncle Ruckus is a BEAUTIFUL Pacman frog.. He enjoys the usual frog stuff.. digging in the dirt... giving us a heart attacks when we do not find him right away! This little chunky monkey is missing a leg and needs a little extra help from time to time but we would not trade him for the world


Oscar is the "typical" Iguana... extra spicy! He is beautiful to look at and so much fun to watch. He loves to climb, swim , and jump from limb to limb; but most importantly he likes to eat. His favorites include mustard greens and Kale with a bit of Turnip greens! If you ever want his attention.. Just show him the green!!!


Azul can be quite the sassy boy. Do not worry it is all bark and no bite! Azul does have his favorites who get a bit less sass than others ( haha) The way to his heart is like most men.... through his belly!! if you have a snack... well then you have a friend! 


Our sweet Honey, There are so many things to say! She is the perfect blend of independent and co dependent ! She is a lover when she wants to be... And a woman on a mission for quiet time away from us mere mortals..

My Little Baby

This little gem is exactly as he sounds... he is my little baby. He was brought to us when he was just over the size of a bic lighter... He was having seizures and it did not look good for this little one.. But he fought through it, and he is now the most spoiled (Not so little ) Little baby. He is so loved , and so appreciated. Even though he was left with permanent disabilities , He never lets it ruin his plans or stops him from trying! He is one of the sweetest dragons we have encountered.

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