• Esthetically  Pleasing

  • Helps Maintain Humidity

  • Nice Show Piece

  • No more changing the substrate 

  • Enriching for your pet

  • Smells Better

  • Fun/ Educational to build



  • Can be Difficult with snakes, they can be destructive

  • Pets may destroy or eat plants

  • Pets may eat isopods 

  • Can be expensive

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Pebble Rocks

Mesh Screen




green tree boa
green tree boa

Green iguana
Green iguana

Asian Water Monitor
Asian Water Monitor

green tree boa
green tree boa


How to set up bioactive enclosures

Step 1: Gather all supplies!! ( pebbles, screen, soil, isopods, springtails ( maybe) , isopods, and plants )

Step 2: with animal safe cleaner  clean the tank that is going to be used. after its clean, rinse again to make sure no chemicals are left.

step 3: rinse pebbles thoroughly, and shake off excess water. Allow Pebbles to dry.


Step 4: place Pebbles  on the bottom ( about 1.5 inches)


Step 5: cut the screen the be the size of the bottom of the tank (leave 1/2 inch on all sides)

Step 6: Place screen on top of  rocks

Step 7: cover screen with coconut soil( or soil of your choice) *I like to use at least 3 inches, but size of tank and reptile may vary the amounts*

Step 8: Put isopods and springtails ( if you need spring tails) * I like to dig little area and let them go in there and gently cover them up* If you reptile is in the cage before the borough  they might eat them and there goes that money!!!  

Step 9: This is the fun part!!!! Time to plant! Make sure that your plants are quarantined and everything going in that tank is clean and ready for use!