The bio below the pictures are vague, If you have any questions or want to know more about a reptile please reach out and we can give more details as well as schedule a meet and greet with your potential pet :)

Please Remember: These animals are more than " just lizard" to us. We put in our time, love, money and hope into these creature...we take the responsibility of rehoming them quite serious and will only approve homes that meet each animals needs.

Slizard (Adult Male)

Slizard is a well mannered and sweet male beardie. He loves raspberries and long naps in the window...He would do best within a home that has time to let him adventure.

Beatrice (Adult Female)

Beatrice is an absolute delight.! She is such a funny little dragon. She has more energy than she knows what to do with and a large personality. She needs to go to a home that has the time and environment for her to roam and enjoy her surroundings.

*She has an old healed injury on her tail

Hiccup ( juvenile Male)

Hiccup is a well mannered dragon with a huge appetite. He can be a shy boy that takes a little bit to warm up; But once he does he is such a good boy! Once settled and comfortable he is generally unbothered by what is going on around him.

Tippy ( Young Male)

Tippy is a timid dragon that takes a while to warm up. He has some trust issues due to his previous home. Tippy has had a hard life in his short time on this earth. Tippy needs and deserves a quiet home with someone with the patience and time to work with him. He is not aggressive.

* Tippy is missing most of his tail and a few toes. This does not hinder his ability to be a happy and healthy dragon.

Stretch (Young Female)

Stretch is an energetic ball of craziness!  Not only does she seem to have an endless supply of energy but she also an escape artist! She has so much personality and will never say no to a dubia roach! Due to her clever nature and constant attempts of escape,  we would prefer her to go to a home where she is the only animal or in a secure area away from other animals that could harm her.

Jalapeno ( Young Male)

Jalapeno quickly won the hearts of all of us at A Dragon's Den. He is such a sweet dragon. His hobbies include digging as many holes as we can and get as dirty as possible! This boy never misses a bath! He is so much fun and will be an amazing addition to any family.