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Who are we? 

A Dragon's Den, Our Main Priority is to help these amazing creatures and spread awareness of the issues within the reptile community!!!

Our three Goals



We strive to provide a haven for reptiles and amphibians to come to not only heal, and live, but also thrive! When are purchasing these reptiles, no one is telling them how expensive it can be! How much it costs to take them to the vet, even if it is only for the annual checkup. Sadly, many owners find this out, and cannot afford, or don’t want to take a reptile the way they would a dog, and the animal ultimately suffers; it doesn’t get checked out by a doctor.



We offer Love, Time, passion, And medical care to the needs of these animals. We strive for recovery and growth, for bones to mend, emotional scars to heal, give these animals the life they deserve!! 



Teaching others on the care requirements, origin, and challenges of owning a reptile or amphibian, as well as the toll they take on the ecosystem. We want to spread awareness of the impact they have on us, as much as we have on them. In some states pythons and other foreign reptiles are being let go and surviving based on climate, location, and sufficient food sources; causing species to change behavior, relocate, or disappear altogether. We will provide a place where these owners can bring all reptiles and amphibians, and allow others to learn and experience them, instead of releasing them into the wild.

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